Brenna Snowdon

Executive Skills Coach
B.A. Sociology, Social Anthropology & Health Studies, Honours with Distinction
Dip. Business Administration, Marketing Management

“The most important thing I have learned in my teaching and training experience is to cultivate an environment where the student feels successful and empowered, supported first and foremost by developing a genuine connection”.

Brenna has worked with a multitude of clients, from information technology, to yoga and fitness, to oil and gas, to retail operations, and academia, each who boast distinctive skill sets, knowledge bases, needs, and goals, and are all motivated differently. Fostering a meaningful connection with a student is essential for success, a skill Brenna prides herself on and the reason she loves to teach, coach, train, and mentor.

Brenna has unknowingly been conducting training and learning and development sessions for her entire working life (2 decades!), and it was when she was partway through her first 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (she’s past 700 hours now, and has had the pleasure of co-facilitating 3, 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training Programs) when she realized how much she loves not just learning, but coaching.

Brenna understands that not only do people engage with, learn, and absorb information differently, be it visual, aural, verbal, or kinesthetic; there is an element of exercising all available platforms and resources to tell a story. Brenna possesses an inherent ability to communicate complex ideas and data in a clear and simple way and can effectively tell a story from start to finish using various mediums and tools with an in-depth understanding of student needs and effectual solutions. She has spent a number of years coaching, mentoring, and counselling university-level students, and has spent nearly a decade facilitating one-on-one and small and large group training sessions and workshops to further advance the professional development and executive skills of adults.

When she’s not sporting her superhero mask at Kaizen, you can find Brenna teaching one of her six classes a week at Lagree YYC, or working on one of many awesome IT projects for Dalhousie University.

Photo of Brenna Snowdon, Kaizen Education Coach

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