Julie Hirschfeld

Executive Skills Coach

When Julie found Kaizen, her immediate thought was “WOW” and then – this is a great fit for me! So she threw her hat in the ring and was thrilled to accept Samantha’s invitation to join the coaching team. Julie’s background in counselling/life coaching and university/ESL teaching provides her with a unique foundation to deliver Kaizen’s learning model.

Her CV reads like a grand adventure novel, spanning continents, educational pursuits, industries and experiences. She’s explored around 80 countries and lived on four continents. She has an MSc, a BA and a BBA along with professional certifications in counselling and life coaching and teaching ESL. The last decade has found her instructing at universities, counselling clients as a licensed therapist, and living in SE Asia helping middle and senior school kids to learn English.

A common thread throughout her working life has been helping others learn. From academic classes, to teaching skiing and yoga, she has always loved engaging with and inspiring learners in all realms. Realizing that the ‘lightbulb moments’ were the most meaningful moments in her own life, she has a personal commitment to strive to do her best to help students and clients realize theirs.

An avid outdoorswoman, she also has a passion for hiking, skiing, camping and biking. On days off, you will likely find her walking a foster dog in the Weaselhead park, geeking out on some new idea, working on some art project and, of course, planning her next adventure.

Photo of Julie Hirschfeld, Kaizen Education Coach

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