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Kristi Rounding

Executive Function Coach
B. Ed.

Kristi has been teaching in Alberta for over 5 years, and tutoring and coaching since the beginning of her education career in 2011. She has taught a wide variety of courses from grades 7-12, including Junior and Senior High ELA, Computers and Coding, Junior and Senior Mathematics, Junior High Art and Senior High Psychology.

Kristi has wanted to teach since she was inspired by her grade 8 Junior High English teacher who inspired a creativity and a curiosity about learning that changed the way she thought about education. Having a few exceptional teachers who worked to make learning and education something that held passion, fun, enjoyment, and a sense of individuality in her own learning experience fundamentally changed how she viewed learning. Learning that involves the whole person, their strengths, interests, and mental wellness became something that Kristi is passionate about fostering in each student she teaches.

It was Kristi’s passion for working with students with learning difficulties that led her to find a position working with Kaizen. Helping students to strengthen their own unique learning style is something that Kristi has been passionate about since she started working one-on-one with students in 2014. She is excited to use her experience, knowledge, and professional development around Youth and Brain Development to build up her student’s skills and unique abilities, and encourage in them a growth and a love for learning.

“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.”

~ Carl Jung

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us and we’ll get right back to you.
How does Kaizen determine what my child’s Executive Skills strengths and deficits are?
We are data collectors. We gather as much relevant data regarding your child's learning as possible. This includes feedback from the parents, educational psychological assessments (if available), information from Kaizen's free questionnaire, and any school evaluations or assessments that can be shared with us.

Kaizen has partnered with Mindprint Learning, creator of the world’s leading online cognitive test developed by neuroscientists in the Brain Behavior Laboratory at Penn State University’s Perelman School of Medicine. This Learning Profile Assessment, combined with two, 1:1 consultations with Kaizen’s Director gives you a clear picture of where your child shines and where they need support.

Learn more about the Learning Profile Assessment.

We also offer a FREE online questionnaire to help you identify your child’s Executive Functioning needs & strengths before committing to the Coaching Intake Process.

Is Kaizen Coaching the same as tutoring?
No. Tutoring teaches students WHAT to learn; Kaizen teaches students HOW to learn and WHY it’s important. The essence of Kaizen Education Services is to foster results through incremental steps, focused on building confidence through understanding. Our objective is to highlight the importance of establishing differentiated processes and systems that contribute to the overall long-term personal and academic growth of each learner. Empowering brains for learning and life. Skills that can be applied across your child’s entire curriculum and beyond.
How does my child start their coaching sessions with Kaizen?
Contact us to book your intake, and we will match your child with a coach so that they can get started.
My child has had a psychoeducational assessment completed and needs help. Is Kaizen the right fit?
Certainly! Oftentimes, a psychoeducational assessment is completed and results are shared, but lack guidance and support for the appropriate next steps leaving you, the parent, wondering, “What now?” If strategies are provided, you are often left to your own devices which can create additional frustration.

The curriculum from which Kaizen operates is tailored to your child and their very specific needs. By sharing the results of your child’s psychoeducational assessment with your child’s coach, we can work together to best support your child academically, intellectually, and beyond.

My child has ADHD. How can Kaizen Coaching help?
Typically, executive functions are delayed up to 30% in a child diagnosed with ADHD. More than 85% of Kaizen’s students have been diagnosed with ADHD, and more than 70% with an additional or other learning difference. Executive Function deficits are amplified in those with ADHD and, as a result, our coaches are specially trained in effective strategies and methodologies to best support your child.

Empowering Brains for Learning & Life

We help your child reach their true potential through neuroscience and coaching their unique strengths and needs for lifelong success.