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“But my child is really smart! Why are they struggling in school?”

📅 Saturday, February 4th – 10am to 11am MST

Presenters: Samantha Woods, Founder & Kristin Merrett, Coaching Lead & Development

For 26 years, parents and teachers have asked Samantha, ‘WHY IS MY CHILD NOT SUCCESSFUL IN SCHOOL?” Join Samantha, Founder of Kaizen Education Services and learn the WHY behind smart kids not reaching their potential in school and, better yet…what can parents and educators do about it?!

Paying Attention is Just Like Magic!

📅 Saturday, February 25th – 10am to 11am MST

Presenter: Dr. Ashish Mehta, Reflections Dental Group

As a dentist for over 18 years, Dr. Ashish Mehta has incorporated the art of magic into his practice so that his patients feel relaxed and can easily share a smile during dental visits. He can distract the most attentive patient using his creative talents and humour. Let’s see how YOU do!

Join Dr. Mehta to learn how attention and focus are at the ‘root’ of magic. After all, it’s easy to miss what you aren’t looking for.

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