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Prices listed in CAD


10 Session Pack

For students looking to focus on 1-2 areas of growth with the ability to make significant gains in a short time.

$135/ per session

+ Intake Fee of $425.00

1 coaching plan

1-2 focus areas

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20 Session Pack

For students with more complex learning needs who may have mild to moderate ADHD.

$130/ per session

+ Intake Fee of $425.00

1 coaching plan + 1 revision

2-3 focus areas

1 parent support session


30 Session Pack

For students who need an advanced coaching approach due to multiple learning challenges such as ADHD, learning disabilities, and mental health concerns.

$125/ per session

+ Intake Fee of $425.00

1 coaching plan + 2 revisions

3-4 focus areas

2 parent support sessions

Pay As You Go: $150/per session

+ Intake Fee of $425.00

Single sessions for students with a specific need that can be addressed in less than 10 sessions.

Core Coaching Services Included in all Packages

In-depth Needs Analysis

Every student meets with a Kaizen Education learning expert so we can get an in-depth understanding of the individual needs. The intake meeting is done virtually and lasts up to an hour.

Educational History Review

A Kaizen Education learning expert will complete a detailed review of every new student’s educational history. This can include: psycho-educational assessments, individualized program plans (IPPs), individualized education plans (IEPs), report cards, and any other information that will help build the ideal program to support the student.

Learning Profile Assessment

The Kaizen Learning Profile Assessment is a cognitive assessment developed at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. It is an hour-long, self-administered assessment that delivers objective data outlining the students’ unique combination of strengths and needs and strategies to support them.

Personalized Coaching Plan

Every student receives a personalized coaching plan as unique as their own combination of strengths and needs. The plan is developed around the needs analysis, educational history, and learning profile assessment to deliver the ideal program to support the student.

Personalized Coach Match

Based on the objective data collected, students are matched with the best coach for them. Just as every student is unique, so are coaches. It is essential that students feel comfortable and motivated to work with their coach to achieve the best results.

Online Learning Strategy Toolbox

Students get access to an online toolbox of strategies that are personally recommended based on the results of their learning profile assessment.

Coaching Session Reports

Parents receive detailed session reports after every coaching session so they can follow their child’s journey and practice the individualized tools and strategies recommended.

*Parent Support Email Course

Parents with a child enrolled in a multiple session coaching package can sign up for a free email course to help support their child. The email series covers our favourite tools and strategies that you can implement right away to enhance your child’s coaching experience.

**Parent Support Sessions

Parents with a child enrolled in a 20 or 30 session coaching package receive a 1-on-1 support session to ask questions, get suggestions on strategy implementation or suggest changes to focus areas based on their progress.

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Which package should I choose?

We’ll help you make an informed decision about the right coaching package for your child based on an educational history review, intake meeting and learning profile assessment.

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