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Proven Kaizen Coaching Program Helps Children with ADHD

Our Method Builds Confidence and Provides Guidance to Help Your Child Achieve Their Highest Potential.

1-on-1 Training With Experienced Coaches in Executive Functioning Skills

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Does ADHD cause your child to struggle with confidence, direction or motivation?

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Are you feeling frustrated or maybe a little hopeless not knowing how to help?

Parents are correct in being concerned about their teen’s lack of motivation and lack of confidence.

ADHD can have adverse consequences by negatively impacting your teen’s quality of life and limiting their opportunities.

Do these words sound familiar?

“I know it, but I can’t write it.”

“I don’t know where to start…so I don’t.”

“My teacher doesn’t teach the way I learn.”

“I get overwhelmed with all the information.”

“I feel dumb.”

“The test didn’t test what I know! I studied!”

It’s painful for a parent to know their child is struggling with ADHD.

So, how can you help?

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One-on-One Coaching

Yes! I Would Like a Free One-on-One Coaching Consult

Founder and Director of Kaizen Education Services

Samantha Woods

I have created a one-on-one program that combines the science of learning with the art of coaching. We have helped thousands of children just like yours regain their confidence and help them succeed in school and in life.

Photo of Samantha Woods, Founder of Kaizen Education

We Are Not Tutors! We Coach Executive Functioning Skills.
We coach children How to Learn, not what to learn.

What Are Executive Functioning Skills (EFS)?

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Executive function skills are the essential brain functions that help us manage our emotions, focus on what’s important, set goals and get things done. Experts break down the executive functions into three dimensions: working memory, self- control, and mental flexibility.

In most situations, these simple skills work together to support complex tasks. A common example used to describe executive functioning is comparing it to an Air Traffic Controller at a busy airport. If the controller isn’t doing their job, all the other pilots, navigators, ground crews and weather forecasters will do their very best, but inevitably airplanes from every direction will be on a collision course.

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How Does Our Coaching Work?

3 Easy Steps…

1. Discover Your Child’s Strengths

Our Learning Profile Assessment will provide your child with a “You Are Here” starting point. Through scientific testing we identify your child’s strengths and challenges.

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2. Create a Plan

We build a plan primarily based your child’s strengths. This strength based approach will allow your child to realize gains in both their academic and life environment.

While focusing on their strengths, we also work on stimulating the under developed areas to encourage growth and balance.

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3. Your Child is Matched With Their Own Coach

A coach is matched with your child to be their guide through this journey. Your child is never alone in the process, and each step is carefully planned and executed. The coaches are always supportive, empathetic and understanding. They will guide you through all the tools and strategies needed to help end the frustration associated with ADHD.

Yes! I Want My Child to Have More Confidence

I Would Like a Free One-on-One Coaching Consult

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Our Brain Based Approach to Learning is Different

Our program is based on the latest executive functioning research, tools and strategies. Through our How to Learn methods, we coach how the brain can be trained to a higher potential.

Our mantra at Kaizen is to promote continual and consistent improvement, which includes:

Develop a growth mindset around learning and improving talents, skills, and abilities.

Increase self-esteem and self-compassion.

Become more confident in school and in life.

Be able to face new challenges with learned tools and strategies and not fear uncertainty.

Strengthen self-regulation, so your child can better manage emotions and impulse control. They will think before they act!

And More…

Ongoing steps to build better habits and to achieve their goals.

Continued development of underdeveloped executive functioning skills.

Mastering of strategies that will better prepare them for challenges outside of school

Yes! I Want My Child to Have More Confidence

I Would Like a Free One-on-One Coaching Consult

What Parents are Saying About Kaizen

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Our family has had a wonderful experience with Kaizen Educational Services. Samantha and her team of coaches were an amazing support to help guide our child with reading support strategies and executive functioning skills. They helped us navigate an ADHD diagnosis with compassion, walking us through what to expect and provided tools to help along the way. Our child loves working with Sam and has developed a renewed confidence in her learning journey thanks to Kaizen!


Calgary, Canada

5 Star Icons

Kaizen is amazing. The front end evaluations show specific areas of strengths for each individual learner, and identify key ares needing support. The Individual learning plans they develop have specific and easy to implement strategies that really work! Probably the best money we’ve ever spent!! So glad to have found them.


Calgary, Canada

Yes! I Want My Child to Have More Confidence

I Would Like a Free One-on-One Coaching Consult

What Students are Saying About Kaizen

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I am so thankful for the study skills, learning tactics, and time management skills that Kaizen taught me. Every semester I plan how to study for each of my classes using Kaizen’s strategies. These strategies allowed me to achieve a balanced lifestyle and academic success.


Toronto, Canada

5 Star Icons

Kaizen has helped me become a better student by improving my study habits and organizational skills. I don’t know where I would be today without Kaizen!


Calgary, Canada

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What Psychologists are Saying About Kaizen

Kaizen coaches students of all ages to build their Executive Function Skills unique to their brain with the goal of fostering growth both in and out of the classroom. Their coaches are a dedicated team of educators with years of experience who have been specially trained to support students with Executive Skill deficits and learning differences. They work with brains with a full spectrum of learning challenges, including ADHD.

John Laing, Registered Psychologist

Hexagon Psychology

Yes! I Want My Child to Have More Confidence

I Would Like a Free One-on-One Coaching Consult

Spots Remaining

To deliver quality services and help our students thrive, we can only accept a limited amount of children each year.

This year we have 15 spots left. Once those are filled we will begin creating our waiting list.

If you’ve been thinking about reaching out to us, please do. We’d regret having to say, “Unfortunately, we are full.”

Yes! I Want My Child to Have More Confidence

I Would Like a Free One-on-One Coaching Consult

Empowering Brains for Learning & Life

We help your child reach their true potential through neuroscience and coaching their unique strengths and needs for lifelong success.