Agi Ominger

Executive Skills Coach

2020 marks a huge milestone for Agi. She will be celebrating 20 years in education! The majority of her career has been in the classroom with the public school system. This is where Agi became curious about the “obstacles” which prevented her students from finding success in their academics. She herself having grown up as an ESL student struggled in school and could never understand what was preventing her from achieving. It wasn’t until becoming a teacher she realized that she, like many of her students, learned differently! This became her passion, mentoring and guiding ESL, LD and ADHD students toward academic success by teaching them differently, providing them a reason for their learning deficiencies, building skills and engagement to demonstrate performance and learning.

Agi went on to support, inspire and advocate for students with complex learning needs as a specialized support teacher. Not only did she provide one on one academic support for ESL, LD and ADHD students from grades one to 12, she also mentored and coached parents on understanding how their child learned and how to implement strategies within the home to help them reach their full potential and find peace. Agi continues to develop individualized program plans for preschool and kindergarten students with special needs and continues to acquire new knowledge on how the brain works.

Agi never thought that she would end up at an organization such as Kaizen. Kaizen’s philosophy recognizes the need to foster, promote and celebrate learning differences of students who feel defeated and overwhelmed. She is excited to offer support and empower our students to develop their skills and abilities into successful life long learners, no matter what the “obstacle”.

Photo of Agi Ominger, Kaizen Education Coach

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