Samantha Woods

Founder & Director
Executive Skills Coach
Learning Strategist

For the past two decades, Samantha Woods has served as an inspiring leader to children and educators across the country. Beginning as a Grade 5 teacher at an independent school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, she has explored the far reaches of the educational spectrum – teacher to administrator to academic coach & now Director of Kaizen Education Services.

Utilizing her experiences, Samantha has become a recognized and well-respected authority on executive functioning skills, creating a comprehensive curriculum in conjunction with a specific style of executive skills coaching to help develop these skills. In September 2013, Kaizen Education Services was born and has since grown to help over 2000 students and their families take control of their learning and lives.

Based on well-crafted and time-tested skills, Samantha brings a strategic intellect to her practice which focuses on making small daily improvements which, in time, provide a significant gain in a child’s life. Along with a specialty focus in matching neuroscience with teaching executive skills, Samantha has developed a comprehensive training program to bring on a team of committed, like-minded educators. Samantha’s coaching style is warm and inviting, understanding that when a student, no matter the age, feels secure and safe, great things can happen in a growing brain!

Her mantra:


Her favourite mentor quote:

“Kids do well if they can” Dr. Ross Greene

Samantha continues to learn and grow while empowering others with her practical research, expertise and unique approach to brain-based coaching. Now, more than ever, she believes that well-developed executive skills will be the key to our students’ success in learning and life!

“Samantha’s disposition is truly kind and genuine which supports my unique needs and individual learning style.”

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