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Brain Health & Psychological Services

Our official Brain Health and Psychological Services partner, Hexagon Psychology, is our go-to expert in child and youth counselling, adult counselling, psycho-educational assessments, and ADHD and Autism assessments. With your permission, your Kaizen Coach can work with your Hexagon Psychologist to consult on a specific learning plan unique to you or your child’s needs.

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Learning Difficulties

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Anxiety & Depression

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How long can you continue to wonder what the problem is?

Are you or your child anxious, moody, or difficult?

Are you frustrated, overwhelmed, or unable to help yourself or your child?

Are your relationship dynamics suffering because of this struggle?

Allow Hexagon Psychology, our Brain Health Partner for Psychological Services, to help.

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We understand the value of being happy and confident in order to thrive.


Solutions start with “Why”

Discovering the “why” is the foundation of transformation. Whether an adult or child, we know that distressing behaviour often indicates a lagging skill or unsolved problem.

Empowerment to Improvement - “I CAN DO THIS!"

When you know “why,” you can begin to move forward, once the problem is clear, so becomes the path.

Collaborative Family System

When you and your family collaborate as a cohesive unit, everyone thrives.

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Your Child’s Brain is Complex and Continuously Evolving. As an adult, your brain may be more rigid.

It’s not easy understanding how your brain works, let alone your child’s. Understanding the complexities of mental illness or learning differences is challenging at the best of times. With no concrete litmus test for either, there is no precise diagnosis or treatment plan for either. At Kaizen, we recognize the value of utilizing professionals to assess areas of concern which is why we have officially partnered with [Hexagon Psychology]. We also recognize the importance of having those concerns simply explained, in plain language, to those who may be unfamiliar with learning differences and/or mental illness(es) and having a support team of brain experts so you can thrive.

The team of experts at Hexagon Psychology has worked extensively in school and corporate settings and has helped thousands of people of all ages.

At Kaizen, we are proud to partner with the reputable network of psychologists at Hexagon Psychology, including our designated in-house psychologist and resident expert, John Laing. John has decades of experience working with learning differences and mental health issues and oversees our Executive Function Coaching Program.

In addition to John, we have exclusive access to the team of psychologists and mental health professionals at Hexagon Psychology. They showcase a combined experience working with children, teens, and adults. This team of experts has worked extensively within educational and professional systems. Kaizen and Hexagon Psychology empathize with individuals and their families. Some of Hexagon Psychology’s specialties include:

ADHD & Learning Difficulties

Anxiety & Depression

Relationship Building & Social Skills Development

Psychoeducational Assessments

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So, What Now?

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Book an Appointment

Connect directly with Hexagon Psychology by visiting

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Begin Your Path Forward

Commit to an individualized plan to thrive.

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Experience Positive Change

The ongoing and personalized support you’ll receive fosters improvement, improvement leads to success, and success creates feelings of confidence and empowerment.

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Why choose Hexagon Psychology?

Kaizen was created to help students of all ages, stages, and phases of life. More than 80% of our clients struggle with ADD, ADHD, or a Learning Difference, and these diagnoses often come with other challenges, including anxiety, depression, or oppositional defiant disorder. Kaizen has partnered with a world-class group of experienced brain and behaviour experts that will bring relief and restore peace in your home.

Hexagon Psychology strives to be your navigator and companion through the unknowns and challenges of life, to help you build resilience and expand your capacity to overcome roadblocks. Whether you need ideas, answers, or solutions, this team of mental health professionals will stand beside you to conquer any obstacle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of answers to our most commonly asked questions on brain health and psychological services:

Do I have to be a Kaizen client to see one of your psychologists?

No. You are welcome to book a session for yourself or your child with our partner psychologists for counselling sessions by calling Hexagon Psychology directly at 403-899-3223 or emailing [email protected].

Does Kaizen offer Psychoeducational Assessments?

Indirectly, yes. We have proudly partnered with Hexagon Psychology, and their team of experts can provide a full psychoeducational assessment.

My child has already completed a Psychoeducational Assessment and needs help. What now?

Book a Kaizen Coaching Program Intake + Learning Profile Assessment with a Kaizen Learning Expert. In conjunction with the results of your child’s Psychoeducational Assessment, your Kaizen Intake can accurately identify the area(s) of your child’s brain that is challenged while showcasing areas of strength. If your child needs additional support with learning differences or mental illness(es), we would be happy to connect you with our partner team of outstanding psychologists and mental health experts to supplement your child’s Executive Skills Coaching.

What do Executive Function Skills have to do with counselling?

Lots! You use executive skills every day, allowing you to think, plan, organize, focus, and regulate emotions. You can confidently and successfully manage challenges when executive functioning skills are strong.

If you or your child has a roadblock, like a learning difference, or mental illness standing in the way, the brain can struggle to connect the dots and manage everyday tasks correctly. Our talented team of experts understands and works closely with you to build effective learning and life skills.

Empowering Brains for Learning & Life

Unlock your full potential with the skills and confidence you need to take on whatever comes next.