Ron Bailey

Executive Skills Coach

Ron is currently working towards a diploma in Human Services and expects to graduate September 4, 2021. His eight plus years of experience as a school teacher and fifteen years as a full-time stay-at-home Dad enables him to effectively empathize and work with students who are struggling academically and personally. With his multitude of experiences, including his current studies at Columbia College, Ron is well-prepared to take on the exciting challenges Kaizen offers!

Ron has more than five years of life-coaching experience from working with university students in Calgary, and six years of experience leading and creating physical education and academic programs for school-aged children.

Ron is a life-long learner with a passion for expanding his skills to help vulnerable students. His main strengths include his ability to actively listen, his expertise at encouraging others to pursue and achieve their goals, and his talent for quickly establishing a great rapport with students.

Ron believes that learning is most effective with a strengths-based approach. Discovering and highlighting a students’ strengths will inevitably make them life-long learners and give them the confidence to tackle all of life’s challenges, which is one of the primary strategies Kaizen employs for success!

Photo of Ron Bailey, Kaizen Education Coach

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